WDS using a multiple WAP54G


I've got this setup: One WAP54G configured as Access Point is connected to wired LAN. Another WAP54G is configured as a repeater (talking only to the first WAP54G). What I would like now is to configure a third WAP54G as a repeater (talking only to the second WAP54G).

Connecting two WAP54Gs is no problem (using repeater mode). Connecting the third AP to the first is no problem, but that doesn't solve my problem; I want this:

AP3 AP2 AP1 wired LAN. Possible? (I really hope it is).


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Erlend Aasland
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And? Did u try?

I think its possible that way, but I heard about loosing some performance when using a repeater...I dont know, what kind of performance-loosing will be there with 2 repeaters...

But generally this should work somehow, I believe.

Maybe u can post your experience about that here than?

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