WAP54G problems, anyone seen this before?


I'm having a problem with the Linksys Wireless Access Point WAP54G v.3 updated firmware to 3.03

When I change the SSID and then I go and change the Security to WEP and enter in my key or passphrase and hit save it does not work. If I open up the wireless page again it goes back to a default Linksys SSID.

Anyone seenthis and how can I remedy this?

I updated the firmware from 3.01 to 3.03 and this did not help.


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Yep. I've seen this before on other routers. It's your browser. You have it reading the cached version of the page instead of the updated changed page. Flush your browser cache, exit the browser, and try again. Also, try it with a different browser or possibly a different computah.

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Jeff Liebermann

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