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I have a Dlink Ethernet router connecter to Windows 2003 server. All computers could see each other and access the internet. I have to put an external computer in a shop across the road and have purchased a Sitecom wireless router and wireless pci card to connect. All set up and internet connects fine. I cannot however access the server or even join the domain. Keep getting a message that the domain is not found. I can connect to the PC's including the server using the ip address but conversely none of the other computers can now see the wireless networked pc.

Any thoughts

Regards cds

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How is the Sitecom wireless router connected to the Dlink Ethernet router? I'm assuming that you are wanting to use the Sitecom wireless router only as an access point, since the Dlink is taking care of routing? If so, the Dlink needs to be fed into one of the Sitecom's LAN ports and not the WAN. Disable DHCP on the Sitecom as well. (The Dlink is taking care of assigning IP's.)

I'm using "ZoneCD" (Captive Portal) and doing exactly that here. Originally, I was only using one router (wireless) but then picked up a wired router. Using the wireless router as just an AP now.

Sounds like that is how you are setup though since everything can talk out onto the internet -- but the wired computers can't see the wireless. Is there an option in the Sitecom wireless router (that you are now using as just an AP) to "Bridge wireless to wired"? My DLinks have that option and would behave exactly like you describe if it were disabled.

Hope that is of any help. :/ Cheers,


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Oh, sorry, after posting realized I should've mentioned that it is a little different with "ZoneCD" in the loop. Everything connected (wireless) to the AP feeding from the "ZoneCD" computer is in a different IP block than the wired stuff going to s wired router. I have the wired router's DHCP giving

192.168.0.x's while the wireless AP is passing 10.10.10.x's (it's DHCP server is "ZoneCD"). The "bridge" between the two is "ZoneCD".

I played with it before throwing "ZoneCD" in though. Wired router connected to wireless router (used only as AP). Only one DHCP was needed in this case. Everything talked to one another..

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NP. Sorry, didn't mean to get OT with "ZoneCD". At first seemed like a good "model", but then remembered about using different IP blocks for wired and wireless.

Only thing I can think of is the "wired/wireless bridge" option. I'm sure others will reply with more helpful info though.



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Thanks Eric

I will see if that setting is available

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