WAP to allow nternet access only

I have a linksys wrt110 WAP. I have a small area I would like to allow anybody to have internet access thru this. I dont want them to have access to network resources for our small windows

2003 server network with AD. Can I configure this on the WAP or do I need our ISP to configure the Router connecting our net to internet.



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That's a piss poor security scheme, do not depend on it. That's like saying no one can hear your conversation if you speak in another language.

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Bill Kearney

Hee, hee.

- and it is also completely untrue; as I have demonstrated to many a people for a good number of years now.

The simplest soultion for the OP would surely be a wireless router with lan isolation in-built (and enabled). A nice, technical and works all, method involves further routers (real ones) configured properly (dhcp servers & nats).

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