I can't view my network after connect through vpn


Im using VPN to connect in my network. The connection is OK, I receive a IP number, the internet is active, but I dont have access to the clients of my network. Im using windows

2003 server with one network board. My vpn network is redistributing IP in 192.169.x.x scope while my network is in 10.30.x.x scope.

How can I do to view the folders and resources of my network? Thanks Daniel

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  1. Can you reach your shares with \\10.30.x.x\share ? If yes, your rules are ok, if no they are broken and/or check your VPN-server for routing RFC 1918 networks
  2. If you can reach the shares by ip, but not by name, remember WINS is not routable. Add your WINS-Server of the LAN into the DHCP-options.

bye Christoph

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Christoph Hanle

When you connect VPN your lan adapter settings are overruled by VPN Adapter addresses. So you are not able to access local server

I had same problem before i cleared it by entering my subnet ip address route in vpn server and providing my DNS pointer and WINS pointer in VPN Seettings for authenticated users who connect VPN remotely.


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