WAG54GS - can this linksys router be modified?

I currently own a uk versionWAG54GS anexe a linksys router, ive had it for about 6 months, but in that time i've seen no modification info for this model anywhere on the internetl, so i would like to through this into the open.

im in intrested in mostly in :-

1, any third party firmware that would work with it.

2, i've read that it is possible to use the router as a repeater station, im more intrested in using this as a wirless bridge than a wired bridge but would certainly like to have feedback on all the ways of doing this.

3, any hardware modifications that can be carried out to improve things

However all info is welcome.

ps to every one else who has this model linksys have recently realeased a firmware upgrade for this model, go to the uk linksys website and checkout support area.:D:D:D

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siwillems hath wroth:

Start here:

Search for WAG54G (similar to GS). Note that it uses a TI AR7 processor and does NOT normally run Linux. Go to the AR7 development site at:

I have no clue whether it works or its level of quality.

Incidentally, lists of open source (GPL licensed) firmware from various manufactories:

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