I replaced the second line in my home with the basic Vonage. The second line was installed a long time ago when only dialup was available and I just kept it - very seldom used, but came in handy every now and then. I was a skeptic, but really impressed with Vonage.

The problem, ever since my wife's wireless PC will not connect unless I turn the linksys wireless g router off and then on again. I am not sure if it is the Vonage box in conflict or something else, but a headache every night.

Any ideas. 3 computers, mine in the basement office is on cat5, son's computer is wireless with no problems, it is just my wife's computer which is wireless.

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Don Harvey
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My wired vonage router freezes occasionally for computer traffic and I can't bring up the admin html page or ping it. Voice still works though. Hard reboot fixes it.

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