VOIP over Wi-Fi subject to eavesdropping?

I use VOIP (Voicepulse) over my laptop while on the road, connected via Wi-Fi hotspots.

My question: Are my phone conversations secure over these connections? I am talking for "all practical purposes", absent CIA or KGB with advanced technology.


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Secure in what sense? Are people most likely listening? Probably not. Why would they? Could they if they wanted to? Sure. Unless you are encrypting things you *are* broadcasting over the airwaves. It is no different from cell phones or cordless phones in that regard.

If you want secure you have to make sure your voip uses a professionally designed encryption algorithm (say aes-128 or aes-256) in the approved manner. There are voip phones that can do this if configured the right way (such as the Sipura series when keyed correctly and talking to another phone keyed by the same issuing entity).


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