Verizon Fiber to Home?

Read WSJ article by Mossberg that he has Verizon Fiber connection to his home now. But it is only 10Mbps. Why wouldn't the basic service be at least 100 Mpbs as fiber can easily carry that...

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You get what you pay for. Verizon FIOS currently comes in three different speeds at different price points. See

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more details.

I've got the 15M/2M, and it works well. I'm anxiously awaiting their 'cable' TV service offering. The only 'problem' I've experienced is that I can't firewall myself from their supplied DUh-Link router, as no other SoHo router I've tried can keep from falling over with as many {bits, connections} as we can have running simultaneously, and that's hardly a FIOS problem.

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