Using neighbors "guest" access security risk

Is using a guest account on a neighbors wifi connection a security risk in general?

I often get messages from one browser:"a network you are connecting to is requesting data from your computer, this could be a security risk, do you wish to continue?" followed by the http://IP-that the router or his computer is using.

I also get messages from his ISP gateway asking me to use javascript, and do I wish to proceed without javascript enabled.

I use encryption and https for most sensitive stuff but I wonder how much access he has to my browsing habits, etc. The DNS lookups are set to be done from other public DNS servers other than the ISP network ones.

What are my risks here and how can I lessen them?

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Yep. The neighbor can sniff your traffic, extract logins and passwords, redirect your traffic, and if you have open shares, snoop around your machine. If they're evil, they could be running a "honey pot" or a virus distribution system ("click here to infect your machine").

Ok, you're running a firewall. Such messages are not surprising. One of several network discovery protocols is trying to identify your machine so it can list it on its shopping list of available computers.

Now, that's odd. You shouldn't see any traffic from his gateway. It's just a router and doesn't have anything running on it that might ask such a question. Sorry, but I don't have a clue what it's doing or why.

He has the IP address of every site that you visit. I'm not sure what you mean by encryption. If you run everything through a VPN, you're probably safe. If you just encrypt a few things here and there, you're not.

Fine, but the owner can still log DNS lookups by port number (53) if he wants.

That's your problem. You shouldn't be using someone else's wi-fi connection without permission. If you persist, I'm fairly sure you'll screwup at some point and get caught or just turned off. You can lessen the risks by contacting the owner and offering to help pay for his connection, or getting your own internet connection.

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Jeff Liebermann

Didn't a guy get put in jail for life for threatening the vp using someone else's wifi (among other nasty things he did while connected)?

He got caught because one day he logged into his email, inadvertently, I think, one out of the zillions of times he connected.

He got caught.

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you must be tired? no where did I say in the op that I was using it w/out his permission. How you think I got the password to connect?

Jeff Liebermann wrote in news:


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Answers my question re sniffing, but if the connection is https or one of the encrypted surfing programs, all he gets is crap:dklafjewaoeuoiwurowueruoweruow

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Guess your mistaking "browser" which is what I said from firewall that gives no alerts.

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comes from his isp saying "you're trying to use our gateway, you want to continue w/out javascript?

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On the sensitive date the dns lookups are done encrypted so again all he gets is garbage.

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Thanks anyways, maybe a reading class will help? Don't ASSume everyone is "stealing" before you know what the hell you're talking about. Bunch of uptight wankers in this group.

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Ya, but. You _still_ have not directly said you are doing this with permission. There be few, if any "uptight wankers" here except maybe you. We've all taken our Reading classes, _and_ our Reading Between The Lines classes.

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Reads Between Lines

Reads Between Lines wrote in news:slrnk68me8.1p2u.knock_yourself

ASSume everyone

talking about.

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The Lines

Ok Wanker or Jeff or whatever you're calling youself this time. I have his permission, but that doesn't mean him or his kids are not trying to hack into my computer. How would you know even if I told you, you would not.

Bunch of paranoid obsessive compulsive tightass wankers, just as I said b4. Maybe that's one reason this group has such few postings.

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