using 2nd router as access point for connecting PS2

I have a PS2 with a built in ethernet port. I want to connect the PS2 to my existing wireless network. I was looking into purchasing a game adapter, but I can get a router at half the price of a game adapter. Can I purchase a 2nd router and use it as an access point and use an ethernet cable to plug my ps2 into the back of the acces point router?

A 2nd benefit of doing this (if it is doable) would be to extend the range of my wirless network.

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On 26 Nov 2006 08:58:54 -0800, "" wrote in :

Yes if the router supports "wireless Ethernet bridge" (client bridge) mode.

When the router is in bridge mode it won't extend range.

If the 2nd router supports WDS, you could put it into WDS mode instead, but that cuts wireless network speed in half, and prevents use of WPA, a bad idea.

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John Navas

To add to what John said: to extend the range of my wireless network you would need to plug the bridge (or router in bridging mode) into an additional router / AP then you could plug your game into the router.

Check this router that could do bridging mode.

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