Linksys WLAN Monitor program problems

I have two Win2K computers using Linksys WUSB54 wireless access points
on my wireless network. Both computers have the updated WLAN Monitor
program v. 2.0 running (which basically corrected the memory leak
problem I was having.)
I now have noticed two problems with this program which are causing me
a bit of a headache.
1). I can not delete the DEFAULT Profile in the program. This would
not normally be a problem, but the DEFAULT program doesn't contain the
correct information for my wireless connection, so I operate on a 2nd
profile. Everytime I reboot the computer, I have to manually re-connect
to my second profile.
2) I realize I could just EDIT the DEFAULT Profile to contain my
required information, but that doesn't work. Soon as I get midway
through the EDIT process, the WLAN progarm just closes suddenly and
restarts itself, without holding the information I was trying to enter,
nor allowing me to finish the entry process.
Anyone heard of these issues? I did a fairly quick check on forums but didn't find any subject containing these
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I don't have info about your specific problem but thought I'd pass this along. Once you have started the WLAN monitor program and connected to your network / Internet... you no longer need to have that program running. I am using the WLAN monitor on a WinME machine with a WMP54GS card. I had a lot of problems with the original WLAN monitor 1.1 and memory leaks and high resource usage. I downloaded ver 1.25 (latest for my card) and it "seemed" to fix the memory leaks but the resource usage was even higher. Up to 20% system resources on my WinME. So by trial and error I discovered that I could quit the program and stay connected. I went back to using version 1.1 to establish the connection and use Cnt Alt Del to "end task". Version 1.1 ends more gracefully than 1.25 for me. Reviewing my notes I see that I had a problem connecting the first time I used the 1.25 version and the fix was to "EDIT" the "default profile" but make no changes. Choose edit and immediately save. Why not give this a try with your Win2K machines. Maybe after doing this you WILL be able to really edit the profile.
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