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What do you have upstairs, is it possible to add a higher gain antenna there, possibly a semi directional aiming toward the area downstairs. Also settin you downstairs AP higher off the floor will yield better upstairs signal.

Versus running wires you might check out this

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Hi all,

I guess from all the conflicting information I have read over the internet that its fairly common to struggle to get a good single from downstairs in an office to upstiars. I also have this problem and have come up with 3 solutions, can someone verify these ideas and possible suggest a better one if I havent seen it. They are :

1.) Get a high gain antenna set to increase signal strength / range 2.) Get a repeater / booster 3.) Run CAT5e through the walls for a gaurenteed link from up to down.

For obvious reasons if replacing the antenna would do it that would be the ideal solution, but I believe I read that a higher gain antenna will flatten the broadcast angle giving more horizontal and less vertical (Is this correct ?) signal which is the opposite of what im looking for.

Option two doesnt seem to sensible as the repeater for linksys runs on WEP security (im trying to stick to wpa), will only work with other linksys products and I have read bad reviews about repeaters / booster in gerneral.

Option 3, would be the ideal solution , but a) will be quite expensive as it would have to be a proffesional job placed in the walls and b.) I kinda feel its cheating having wired in a wireless network..

If anyone has a similar problem to me of getting the signal down to upstiars and came up with a good solution can you tell me please ?



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Jon Vaughan


I'm fairly new to this but if you're only using wireless to connect the 2 sites (downstairs & upstairs), can you not change the angle of the antennae to move the "horizontal" field to intersect the other antenna ?


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Ed Williams

Turn the antenna on its side, so the flattened vertical is pointed in the right direction. This is also true of the original antenna, on both WAP and PC. I added EZ-10 reflectors to the sideways WAP.

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Turning the antennas sideways allowed the connection to become stable, which it wasn't before. Adding the reflectors moved it from "poor" to "very good".

If you have a PCI card in the PC, the little antenna might be blocked by the PC itself. Can you reorient the PC to uncover the antenna?

A USB-Wifi adapter allows better placement, including up high. I see Fry's has the Microsoft USB for $29.95 in store, but not online. mini-USB dongles are sometimes as low as $9.95 after rebate for 802.11b. I have the DLink DWL-122. I see one today at $19.95.

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Netgear WG111NA USB-mini 802.11g - $9.99

Or an antenna for your existing card:

Hawking Technology HAI6SIP Hi Gain 6dB Omni-Directional Wireless Antenna, 802.11b, g

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