UP/Down speed test oddity

I'm using wifi with a 100 yard plus link distance. I did a speed test at;

formatting link
The result was Download 29kbits/s and Upload 303kbits/s .

Download very slow

Download is usually over 3000kbits/s, Upload 300 to 330 kbits/s.

Computers been slow lately, and takes forever just to load everything to start.

Any thoughts about this situation? Mike

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On Wed, 7 Oct 2009 20:03:49 -0500, "amdx" wrote in :

Not without a lot more details and information.

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John Navas

You're measuring the speed of your internet connection, not the speed of your wireless. (I'll assume that's what you're trying to measure). For benchmarking a wi-fi connection, you need two computahs. The "server" computah is wired to your unspecified model wireless router with CAT5 and should be fairly fast.

For software, I suggest Iperf or Jperf. Jperf is easier to use.

Well, lacking anything resembling useful information, such as maker, model, operating system, etc, I'll just offer a random guess. I just had 2 hard disk drive fail in the last two weeks on customers machines. Both exhibited similar symptoms just before they started accumulating bad sectors. I suggest you try using an S.M.A.R.T. utility such as SpeedFan:

Hmmm.... old photo. There's button to generate a report which tells you most everything you don't want to hear about your hard disk drives future. Please let me know if this was the problem as I need to check if my crystal ball is still working.

Yes, but this is a family newsgroup and such thoughts would be deemed inappropriate. I suggest you disclose some information about your hardware, software, and what problem are you really trying to solve.

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff Liebermann

Glad to see you all have your senses of humor in good shape :-) I just thought it was odd that I had a slower download than upload usually download is 10 or 15 times faster than upload. Then, I wondered if it might be related to my slow loading at starup of the computer. I'll look into the software later today, when I get some time. Crystal ball data point coming soon! Mike

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It helps fuel my giant ego. Arrogance takes practice and does not come naturally.

It's certainly odd. Also wrong. The problem is that between your unspecified computah and the internet, there are far too many devices that might be causing the problem. As you suspect, the most likely causes are either a slow computah or a screwed up wireless link. The slow computah is unlikely because it would tend to slow things down in both directions. Wireless is more likely as the up/down speeds are totally independent. Some interference at one end of the link, but not at the other, would create a situation where speed in one direction is faster than the other. So would a miswired CAT5 ethernet cable or a broken ethernet switch.

Probably not. If the computah is slow, I would expect it to slow down the speed in both directions.

Try to isolate (or eliminate) each part of the puzzle. Replace components (i.e. the test computah) if possible. Don't use internet speed tests for anything other than a final quality test after everything else has been tested.

Incidentally, I've seen exactly the same problem with a Wi-Fi connected desktop at a customers office. Uploads to the access point and server were fast. Downloads from the server crawled. Uploads were running about 5Mbits/sec thruput, while downloads were perhaps

0.25Mbits/sec. I eventually found a power supply for a high intensity desk lamp to be the culprit. It was generating enough RFI to trash the wi-fi receiver in the desktop. I would have expected such interference to produce disconnects rather than a slowdown, but not this radio (Netgear PCI internal something card).
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Jeff Liebermann

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Bogey Man

Any ISP - unless they sold you the wifi router, and they sell a 'premier' support for the wireless setup, is going to ask you to first unplug everything, and only plug in 1 laptop / desktop directly to the DSL / cable modem and try connecting that way to see if the problem is on the wireless or on the ISP's side.

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Evan Platt

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