Turn your PC into web-managed wireless access gateway

Greetings. I would like to inform you about an open-source project I developed in Perl, using Slackware distro, HostAP driver and utilities, that turns your PC with Prism2/2.5/3 wireless LAN card into a full-featured web-managed wireless access gateway.

AWLP has pretty much all the features you would expect from an off-the-shelf wireless access gateway like DHCP server, caching-only DNS server, ACL, etc.

I belive AWLP is useful for a wide range of users:

- Academicians can use it for wireless experiment setups

- Developers can add/change its features

- Home users can set it up for their broadband connection sharing needs

- Small caffes and restaruants can use it as a simple hotspot box

I have tried to be loyal to Slackware distro as much as I can. Actually, the only major modification was to set couple of suid and guid permission bits so that AWLP can be web-managed. Staying loyal to Slackware pays-off when time comes for package upgrades. You can easily add/upgrade/remove packages using standard Slackware package tools (installpkg, upgradepkg, removepkg).

Project's Web Site:

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Photos of an example setup: (Worked as the wireless access gateway for 12-days without a problem)
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I hope you can find the time to review this open-source project sometime. If you don't, however, I will be happy to know that you are aware of it.

Best Regards,

Alptekin Cakircali snipped-for-privacy@cakircali.com

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