Travel router recommendations?

I've been thinking about getting a pocket-sized wireless router for travel, so I'm not physically tied down to the Ethernet connection the hotel provides.

I like the Linksys WTR54GS ($85 from Amazon) over competing D-Link,

3Com, and Netgear models because of its integrated power plug and how its Broadcom chipset offers the potential for using the third-party firmware I enjoy on my home WRT54G once their authors include support for it. That said, given that I'd only be using the travel router for no more than a few weeks each year, firmware support is not greatly vital. Any other suggestions?
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Yeechang Lee
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Here is a review for what it is worth :

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As a travel-size wireless ap nothing beats the Asus WL330 & WL330-G...


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I've been pretty happy with my WiFlyer, because it works as a wired router (so I can splice it in to a client's existing machine). I haven't used it in dialup mode, but it's conceptually interesting that it can work that way. The only downsides are 802.11B mode (which doesn't matter when sharing most internet connections) and lack of WPA, but for travel use that's not evil.

The Netgear WGR101 wasn't bad (and was the first one available), but is physically a little larger.

The Apple Airport Express is a nice little box, though I left that with my mother-in-law (have another one on order). It's only foible is the lack of Web-based administration, but that's a nit. It's got USB printer support and line (and optical) audio output for use with iTunes, which is an interesting hack.

Haven't fondled the Linksys, D-Link, or 3Com models, thought the Linksys WWWebsite says theirs is "coming soon", I'll never buy another DLink product, and the 3Com looks remarkably like the NetGear.

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William P. N. Smith

The OP was looking at the WTR54GS, FWIW. The Linksys site says "Coming Soon", but the Amazon page has (some mediocre) customer reviews, so my brain hurts! 8*)

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