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I bought a new computer today. My network is Linksys 4 port wireless. I looked for a Linksys USB wireless, CompUSA was out so picked up a Hawking wireless USB. No way, it finds the Linksys, good connection, but will not connect to the internet. I will retrun and get the Linksys WUSB54GP wireless USB. It bugs me, however, in that I assumed the connections should be fairly universal. Anyone else experience problems with mix and match.

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Don Harvey
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hi, well if it connects to the access poing, and you can see, for example, the config pages on your access poing, then the USB thing is working just fine.

it might be your computer not configured correctly.

so, can you see the config pages on your linksys access poing, usually get these by typing in Internet Explorere (or firefox :), or, or

try each of them.

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It wouldn't let me access the linksys router using Internet Explorer even though it connected, so probably some wrong computer config.

I gave up, took it back and got the linksys usb. Tested it here at the office and connection came up with no hassle. Hopefully the same will happen when I install on the new home computer tonight.

The new computer has service pack 2 installed which I am hoping won't give any headaches.

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Don Harvey

I would ensure that you have SP2 on all computers. It makes wireless networking much, much easier. Do it right away.

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Alan White

I am gun shy when it comes to SP2. I downloaded on one of my XP Professional computers and then Win refused to boot. I finally used one of my XP Prof upgrade disk to get it back. Could not use the restore cd that came with the computer in that it wanted to restore to original thus losing all the installed programs/data. It was a painful 2 days.


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