then things got suddenly quiet

IrDA port on the laptop is effectively a serial port. Send garbage to the port and you simulate a remote control. The chances of getting the code correct and having the laptop oriented correctly is rather small but possible. You can also get software for your laptop to let you do this intentionally.

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Jeff Liebermann
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Just had an oddity. Figure you'all are smart bunch.

WinME toshiba laptop, while using IE on the web did a back space to return to a previous page and the windows froze. Now I'm sitting here on the living room sofa with this laptop on my lap, the tv's going and I'm wasting a few minutes but as the laptop froze the volume on the tv was muted,, instant quiet ! Look across room at the wifi router and its blinking in a normal rhythm.

Had mouse working but couldn't close or move focus from top window so ctrl-alt-del & closed the ie window

- fixed everything volume on tv started again. Tv remote is no where near me, but within sight - just sitting there.

How did a wireless laptop freeze/unfreeze do a tv mute/unmute ? never saw the mute display icon on the tv but then again wasn't watching for it.

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Does your laptop have an infra-red port? It is the only part able to effect the TV.


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