Tethering Motorola RAZR V3xx (aka IZAR) on Cingular MEdia

Yes, it is possible to connect a computer to the Internet over low-cost Cingular MEdia with the Motorola RAZR V3xx (aka IZAR), which features blistering speed in areas with HSDPA coverage (falling back to EGPRS[EDGE]/GPRS in other areas), but no, not with the procedure I've documented in the Cingular Wireless FAQ (link in my sig block). (The latter will result in Error 734.)

Instead, use the method documented below, which works over both Bluetooth and USB with Windows XP. But first a caveat: You do this entirely at your own risk! Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your MEdia package before proceeding.

  1. Prepare to install the V3xx "modem": (a) Bluetooth: I recommend using the Windows XP SP2 Bluetooth stack, not a third-party Bluetooth stack (e.g., Widcomm). (b) USB: Be sure to install the Motorola USB Modem driver _before_ connecting the V3xxx. To install drivers, you can either install Motorola Phone Tools (available at low cost from shopoem.com) or Cingular Communication Manager (free download from ).

  1. Install the V3xx "modem" (a) Bluetooth: Pair the V3xx with the computer using the Windows XP SP2 Bluetooth stack, which should install "Standard Modem over Bluetooth link". (b) USB: Connect the V3xx to the computer with a standard 5-pin mini-USB cable, which should install "Motorola USB Modem" (in my case version, 03/22/2006).

  2. Configure the V3xx "modem": (a) Right-click My Computer. (b) Click Manage. (c) Click Device Manager. (d) Right-click the V3xx "modem" (identified above). (e) Click Advanced tab. (f) Put in Extra initialization commands: AT+CGDCONT=1, "IP", "WAP.CINGULAR" (g) Click OK. (h) Close Computer Management.

  1. Create "dial-up" Connection: (a) Open Control Panel. (b) Double-click Network Connections. (c) Under Network Tasks, click Create a new connection. (d) When the New Connection Wizard starts, click Next. (e) Select Connect to the Internet (if not already selected), and click Next. (f) Select Set up my connection manually, and click Next. (g) Select Connect using a dial-up modem, and click Next. (h) Check the Motorola V3xx modem (identified above); uncheck everything else; and click Next. (i) Type ISP Name for this connection (e.g., "AT&T MEdia"), and click Next. (j) In Phone number enter "*99#", and click Next. (k) Leave User name and Password _blank_; set the options as you wish; and click Next. (l) Click Finish to launch the Connect dialog box.

  2. Configure "dial-up" Connection: (a) Leave User name and Password _blank_; check Save this user name; select the option you prefer; and click Properties. (b) Click Configure button next to All devices call the same numbers (c) Select maximum speed (921600); and click OK. (d) Set any other options you wish, and click OK. (e) Click Dial to test the connection. (f) Close Network Connections.

  1. Prepare to be impressed if you're in a 3G area (shown by 3G symbol on the phone)!

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(c.1) Uncheck Enable hardware flow control. (No options should be checked.)

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