TechTV segment on increasing router range?

Some time ago there was a segment on TechTV about how to increase the power output of a wireless router. The mod was done by adjusting some value on the management interface of the router. Does anyone have a link to this information, and is it generally applicable to different routers? Thanks.

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Robert Meushaw
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Depends on the Wireless AP. Sveasoft creates the hacked firmware at

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I'm currently using it for my Linksys and works great. Don't know about other models.

Other places to look:

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Do a search for SVEASOFT. (Robert Meushaw) wrote in news:

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A Canadian Guy

Have you given any thought to how you're going to increase the power of your client's wireless adapter? Boosting the router's transmit power is useless if the client's signal is too weak to make it back to the router.

As someone else mentioned, sveasoft has a $20 firmware upgrade that will let you adjust the transmit power IF your router is similar to the Linksys WRT54G. The actual circuit in this particular router is based on a reference design from Broadcom. Several 802.11g routers use the same reference design, so the sveasoft firmware will work in them as well.

- Steve

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