suggestions for a repeater?


Linksys AP (not sure of model number, sorry) which has about two dozen machines using it.

Problem: An office down the street, which gets a signal right at the window, but nothing usable inside.

Interim solution: I've got a Mac Mini leaned up against the window, which is connecting to the Linksys, then "sharing" internet out via the ethernet cable which is going to an Airport Extreme base. The Airport sends out its own 802.11 signal and a half dozen laptops are routng through it.

I'd much rather use something made for this purpose and take back my Mac...

Price isn't critical (within reason). Reliability and simplicity is more important.

Suggestions gleefully accepted.

Thanks muchly.

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danny burstein
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Get yourself a wireless ethernet bridge to replace the Mac and then cable it into the Airport express as an AP just like it's setup now. The one I know about is the Buffalo, but they are not available at the moment.

Consider one of these Engenius Bridges:

formatting link

Or, for an under $100 solution, if you don't mind fiddling with firmware flashing, then you can get a wireless router that will take aftermarket firmware, like the linksys WRT54GL (the L is critical) and flash it with DD-WRT to use as a wireless bridge. Go to

formatting link
to learn more.


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