Internet connection problem

I just got a new HP laptop with a Broadcom wireless card. I use Sympatico Ultra as ISP and they supply the modem/router with the wireless connection. I set-up the wireless network according to their directions, including wireless security, etc.

From the laptop I see my wireless connection name and it says

"Connected" and "Signal strength: very good", "Security-enabled". But I can't get my browser to connect to the Internet (I tried with IE and Firefox). It just doesn't find the DNS. I called Sympatico and they say they don't support the Broadcom card. They suggested that it might have to do with the driver. Any suggestions?

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Mike L
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Disable security. If it works then, you have a key mismatch. Mark McIntyre

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Mark McIntyre

If it is a DNS problem this may be of interest:-

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