Cisco 871: FTP & Multiple IP Addresses

To Cisco gurus...

I asked this question a while back, but no one was able to assist me. I am by no means a Cisco expert, so I need a guru to give me some guidance.

Our office has a T1 connection that is connected to a Cisco 871 router. We have been allocated 3 public IP addresses. Currently, we are only using one of these addresses. On this public IP address, we have setup an IIS FTP server. The router is utilizing CBAC, so that passive ftp will work without my opening up a range of tcp ports (ip inspect name CBAC-FTP ftp). Passive ftp on this public IP address works correctly.

We are trying to setup another ftp server on one of the other public IP addresses. When I try to connect to this ftp server, the control connection is established correctly, but the data connection is not. I can only assume that CBAC is NOT being applied to this second IP address. CBAC is applied to the fe4 interface as follows:

interface FastEthernet 4 ip address FIRST_PUBLIC_IP_ADDRESS ... ip inspect CBAC-FTP in

Any ideas? Thanks.


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