SMC7004VWBR firmware upgrade error

SMC 7004 VWBR part number 750.9821 firmware upgrade error error: "Upload data error! Please make sure file is correct"

my current firmware says: [V1.00.0012 2003.10.16] which has to be the original, but the readme firmware history starts at v1.00

-thought maybe it was directory problem...renamed file and put it in root...nogo

-tried v1.23...nogo

-tried v1.232...nogo

-tried bin for 750.638 (it was same size bin file)...nogo

-tried from another pc(b/c someone in this ng was having probs with a certain nic)...nogo

-looked for a utility (like a little program to do it b/c some of their other routers had one instead of using browser)...but a nogo

SMC KB not very helpful...and noticed alot more post in ng's in which i guess SMC doesnt post problems in their KB...looks like they just send you a replacement.

i have tried this when i first got it(cant remember when) but was unsuccessful...thought i would wait for new firmware...ha

i have DNS over VPN issues(i have workaround) and now i think i am having port issues...but i just wanted to update the firmware to make sure all my options were there.

i inherited this in which i traded my "working" Linksys BEFW11S4 to a friend b/c he couldnt get this SMC to work with AOL...shoulda known it was gonna be a problem. any suggestions?...besides get my Linksys back

please post here

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Well I had bought a SMC7004VWBR wireless router for my parents. I just got it working with their Speedstream 5861 router so they can have wireless access to their network and DSL connection. Their router was purchased in the early part of 2004 and I finally got it to work properly. I had to turn off the DHCP and change it's address so it was in the Speedstream's IP address range.

BTW I think that AOL DSL requires a lower MTU (1400) with their service.

Maybe SMC needs to send you a new router. I am not sure of your problem, forgive me being a newbie here, but what does it do or not do? Did you reset the router back to it's original settings after the AOL trial?

Do I need to check out anything on the router for you?

later, dave (One out of many daves)

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dave AKA vwdoc1

There are two completely different routers called SMC7004VWBR. Kind of like Netgear WGR614v1 through v5, or Linksys BEFW11S4 in all of its incompatible variants. I would hope that SMC would have some clue on their web site as to which was which, but I'm not sure. You could Google this group for clues.

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Here's the previous discussion:

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