Connectivity Problems with ne HP Laptop

I have set up probably 100 computers for residents of the resort where I live and where the wireless broadband is provided by the park management via several access points around the park. But today I am stmped because a resident has a new HP Pavillion dv9623cl laptop with Vista that has

100% connectivity to the access point but not a single byte of information from the main router that is connected to a T1 line up at the clubhouse. My XP computers both connect flawlessly as do others in the area with Windows 98, XP and Vista equipped computers. I've tried all the usual tricks like resetting the wifi adapter in the computer, rebooting, running the various troubleshooters and moving the computer right under the hotspot. We have an IP address, subnet mask and all except a gateway and, of course, access to the Internet. I do this every day for somebody, so I feel awfully foolish that I've been unsuccessful with this particular setup. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Arirang hath wroth:

Welcome to the joy of Vista. My guess(tm) is that this laptop has a proper wireless connection (err... association) but no DHCP delivered IP address. Run: Start -> Run -> cmd ipconfig to see what you've got. Probably which is what Windoze reverts to when it can't find a DHCP server.

The most likely cause is a DHCP bug in Vista. See:

for multiple DHCP fixes and work arounds. Yeah, there's more than one.

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