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I wish to assign a static ip to my pc when I use it at work but at home I want to use dchp. Is there a way that I can tell my linksys befw11s4 router to assign ip to the mac address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx. My firmware is 1.45.

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Ralph Krausse
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Nope. What you're looking for is called "static DHCP", which means that you an pre-assign specific IP addresses to given device by MAC address. I just looked in the we based setup for my BEFW11s4 v4

1.50.14 and didn't find such a feature.
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Jeff Liebermann

The Linksys is at work, and you have control over it? Are there other clients on this Linksys that need DHCP? What OS are you running on the Laptop?

The Linksys doesn't allow you to specify IP addresses for particular MACs. Some routers do. If this is the only PC connecting to the Linksys, just define the IP address that you want to have as the start of the DHCP range, and a limit of 1 DHCP user.

You can also extend the length of time that the DHCP lease is valid. Make it give you the "correct" address one time, by manipulating the address range, and then make the lease time something large. "0" is one day on the Linksys. I don't know what the maximum number of "minutes" might be. If you have an address that you like and make this lease long enough so that your laptop is connected periodically throughtut the expiration time, your DHCP-assigned IP address will probably not change until the Linksys is rebooted.

If you are running Windows XP, have a look at "alternate configuration"

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will only be effective if you disable the DHCP server at work.

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Ignore the router. Install a program like Netswitcher on the computer

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and set it up so that it can be switched from the fixed address for work to the assigned IP address for home.

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