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I'm new on this forum and I'm looking for some advice.

I moved because of studying to another country and I'm living in a house where there's a computer connected to the Internet through a single-port ethernet modem.

Since the computer is most of the time busy with other people, I would like to set a wi-fi network here so I can access the internet through my laptop (and then I'd not have to wait until this pc is free).

So, I'd like to know if it's enough to get one of those USB Wi-fi antennas, such as Asus WL-169G, plug it to an USB port's done.

Many thanks!

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Rodolfo Dias
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There are 2 parts to any wireless network. There is the sender and the receiver (seems simple enough, right?). A simple usb antenna like you mentioned will connect you to a wireless network, but it sounds like at the moment you don't have a wireless network to connect to. If proceeding with this plan, you'll have to buy a router (~40$us methinks) to broadcast the signal. The router'll go inbetween the modem and the computer you're on now. That computer will then plug into the back of the router, and the router will broadcast a wireless network for you to connect to on your laptop. Setting it up is relatively easy if you have some computer experience, but getting it secured / troubleshooting when things don't work as planned can be quite a pain.

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