recommendations regarding wardriving setups.

Hey folks

Just spent the last couple of months doing some research for the best, or at least a very good, wardriving setup. I'd like to post here to tell everyone about what I did and hopefully help a couple of people make the right decision when it comes to getting a wardriving setup.

GPS - Garmin eTrex: The eTrex is basically at the bottom end of the spectrum when it comes to functionality - it's your bog standard GPS. However, I've found it easy to use and it communicates with many standard miltifunction programs for wardriving eg NetStumbler. The data cable could have been made by myself though - it was quite dear considering it's just a couple of wires. =A325 here in the UK. GPS unit cost =A3110 from Argos.

Wireless card - Proxim 8480-WD: I have a centrino chip on the laptop, but it's really no use when it comes to promiscuous sniffing et all. I found what were considered to be 'unofficial' drivers for the card, which allow promiscuous sniffing under the Windows OS... link was

formatting link
formatting link

Software - Ethereal, NetStumbler and AirCrack: The fantastic trio of programs for any wireless enthusiast. AirCrack is really a collection of 3 programs: 802ether.exe, aircrack.exe and airodump.exe. The most useful, I find, is AirDump - does what it says on the tin. However, they need the Peek driver to function correctly which is easily available via a Google search. Ethereal can then be used to import the capture file, and it does a fantastic job of displaying all the relevant information in a very easy to understand manner. Of course, you can dump straight into ethereal instead of using airdump, but I find dumping and then importing is the best method; Allows for dumping as well as looking through packets at the same time. great stuff! NetStumbler.... well, yeah, it's ok... but I've yet to see someone make 'proper' use of the program as opposed to just buggering around looking at signal strengths. Would be much better with a mapping option.

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