Questions about wardriving

The time: the future within 3-5 years... The place: the USA under a Zionist/Communist/Fascist state... The situation: America has fallen. The Internet is dead, Internet2 is up.

If there is one thing I've learned: a lack of communication/information can KILL you.

Disclaimer: Techniqually speaking war driving/stealing bandwidth is illeagal, but honestly, when the darkness comes, breaking the law will be the LEAST of my worries.

I got a Dell X200 (800Mhz, 640MB, 40GB, running Windows 2000) cheap.. I added a ORiNOCO 8470-WD 801.11b/g card. NetStumbler works fine. I was trying to use something like AirSnort. Never could get it to work. But no matter what I tried, I had to uninstall the ORiNOCO utilities. Ok, so I could break the encryption... then what??? Would I have to reinstall the ORiNOCO software to do the actual connection???

Questions: I want to stay within Win2000. I don't care for Linux (can't find anyone smart enough to help me with Linux). I'm too cheap to buy XP. Is there anyway for me to do this??? What software would allow me to hack WEP/WPA encryption within Win2000??? Is there anyway to run the ORiNOCO 8470-WD without the ORiNOCO software??? I know XP has wifi built in, but is there anyway to add this to Win2000???

Thanks in advance, GOD HELP US ALL. Scott

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this sounds like a sci fi short story. "20 seconds into the future" or something like that. MmmmmmAx ....

some chip sets won't work with tools like this under Windows. Airlink101 with an Atheros radio normally supports promiscuous modes needed for packet captures and works *EXTREMELY* well in FreeBSD.

yeah, 3rd party "network for you" stuff on windows typically sucks worse than the "let windows manage my connection" built-in (which interestingly enough works moderately well in XP, not sure about 2k). The most appalling one so far is the Linksys "helper" app that you HAVE to use if you want speedboost. Maybe it's ok if you only ever connect to ONE network but how many people with laptops don't connect to SEVERAL of them ALL of the time?


maybe you need to evolve from larval stage and learn something about FreeBSD - it's *MUCH* better than Linux at WiFi. I'm using a FreeBSD box as a wifi access point at the moment (and getting >25Mbits of REAL throughput). FBSD's atheros driver kicks some serious ass. And my laptop has FBSD on it also (I use it for $work all the time - FBSD and open source tools run circles around equivalent windows tools for networking and wifi stuff).

understandable. FreeBSD is FREE, though. You could always dual boot it if you have an extra partition to format as UFS.

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Big Bad Bob

"RangerScott" hath wroth:

Ahem. I'm Jewish and somewhat of a Zionist. Is there a problem?

Not a problem. I'm sure you'll just love being under Arab domination.

Yep. Data is usually free, but you have to work for information. I kinda prefer to get data and grind out my own "information". When I deal with the medical profession, the lack of accurate information can really get me killed.

Right. The end of civilization, as you apparently enjoy it, is coming. Everything you do or think will be a crime. Law enforcement will be randomized. Your money will be worthless. The US will balkanize into hundreds of fortified city states. Those not part of a gang will become chronic victims.

Just one problem... I've heard it all before. In the 40's it was the totalitarian dictators that were going to drag us back to barbarism. In the 50's it was the Red Scare. In the early 60's, it was mutually assured destruction and the atomic bomb. In the late 60's and early

70's, it was ecological disaster and resource exhaustion. In the late 70's and early 80's, it was inflation and global financial meltdown. In the 90's, it was Y2K. These days, it's global warming and illegal immigrants. Take a number and wait your turn for doomsday.


Any particular Windoze application? Wepcrack perhaps? AirSnort is currently for Linux only.

Yep. For Orinoco, Netstubler 0.4 talks directly to the card. The driver gets in the way. Netstumbler does a nice job of disarming the NDIS drivers (and disarming XP Wireless Zero Config service), but other applications aren't so graceful. I think (not sure) you can just stop the Proxim/Orinoco config program sitting in the system tray or stop whatever service it's running, and get the same effect without uninstallation. I don't have an easy way to test it here.

Try disabling the driver and/or services and see if that helps.

I'm smart, Jewish, and helpful. What you want is a Linux "LiveCD" that you boot on your Dell x200. See:

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(and Security Auditor) have all the tools you ever wanted to attack a wireless access point.

You don't need XP. W2K is good enough. It's not as artistic as XP and doesn't have any of the recovery tools, but it's fairly close to being identical to XP.


formatting link
formatting link

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XP has Wireless Zero Config built in, plus its collection of drivers. That will certainly simplify installations, but is not a guarantee that your card will work. The problem is that some programs want to talk directly to the card and not the driver. The programs ability to start and stop the driver is your problem. You'll have the same problem with XP.

God helps those that help themselves. Learn a little about what you're dealing with (wireless, Linux, politics) and you won't need a god to bail you out.

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff Liebermann hath wroth:

One more. Aircrack-ng:

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formatting link

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Jeff Liebermann

No, war driving is not illegal. AFAIK, there's no law against looking for open WiFi ports. There may be some grey area when it comes to USING said ports, but just locating them is not a crime.

I'll do my best.

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Yeah and now that Linux *finally* supports Flash 9 it isn't ~completely~ worthless as a desktop environment!



Onideus Mad Hatter mhm ¹ x ¹

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Onideus Mad Hatter

Eeegggxactly. "The darkness" should be the least of his worries... he should be worrying about how to pay that shrink that he so desperately needs. ;-)

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PerfectReign hath wroth:

Instant lawyer, just add Google.

Some laws refer to "accessing" instead of "using" which I believe covers any form of connection including port scanning.

In Florida, accessing someone else's network without permission is a "third degree felony". |

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are other states with similar laws. The term "accessing" apparently includes probing, password cracking, door rattling, and scripted exploits. I'm not sure about sniffing. Probably not.

The Florida law has a 10 level felony scoring system: |

formatting link
Third Degree Felony is punishable by a term of imprisonment not to exceed 5 years and a fine not to exceed $5,000.00. Court and attorney fees not included.

The OP is in Virginia. Yep, Virginia has such a law. |

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formatting link
section on: s 18.2-152.4. COMPUTER trespass. A person is "without authority" when he has no right or permission of the owner to use a COMPUTER, or, he uses a COMPUTER in a manner exceeding such right or permission.

I wonder how one would prove they have the owners permission. In the courts, documentation is everything. I should start issueing wireless access licenses for my neighborhood wireless network.

Realistically, no district attorney is going to waste the tax dollars it would take to prosecute someone for wireless port scanning, especially when the typical jury would find it difficult to understand the nature of the "crime", and a conviction would be a crap shoot.

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Jeff Liebermann

[Disclaimer: Techniqually speaking war driving/stealing bandwidth is illeagal, but honestly, when the darkness comes, breaking the law will be the LEAST of my worries.]

You should note that this refers to using someone else's COMPUTER.

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Axel Hammerschmidt

Sounds to me like the Mad Hater is one of those that is very easily entertained be cheap thrills. There's nothing anyone can do for them.

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Sounds to me like the Mad Hater is one of those that are very easily entertained by cheap thrills.

You can't teach them anything new. You've just got to let them go on wasting their lives away.

But it was a nice try, nonetheless.

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I got a pretty good feeling you don't have to be too concerned about the "Ranger-guy". He'll be one of the first to go, when the darkness descends.

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noload (Axel Hammerschmidt) hath wroth:

I presume that you're debating the definition of computer and suggesting that a router is not a computer? I don't think so.

All laws have a definition of terms section. I couldn't find it in the Virginia law, but the Florida version is clear enough: |

formatting link
(1) "Access" means to approach, instruct, communicate with, store data in, retrieve data from, or otherwise make use of any resources of a computer, computer system, or computer network.

(2) "Computer" means an internally programmed, automatic device that performs data processing.

Well, my router is certainly a programmed device. It's quite automatic. It does process what data I feed it. Note the word "network" in the "access" definition. That implies that it's not necessary to attack a computer, just enter the network.

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Jeff Liebermann

formatting link
There are other states with similar laws. The term "accessing"

formatting link
Third Degree Felony is punishable by a term of imprisonment

Nothing in those links has anything to do with wardriving. In fact, wireless access points actively advertise their availability so you could turn the tables and say that the owner of the access point is trying to hack the wardriver by accessing their wireless card. I think the confusion here is in the definition of wardriving. Not in it's legality.

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Rev Turd Fredericks

Why not jus read your own link (the first one? And then take a look at what it says immediately after about what constitutes computer trespass, while you're at it.

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Axel Hammerschmidt (Axel Hammerschmidt) hath wroth:

I did and found nothing wrong. Why don't you kindly explain what you're talking about including the section of the Florida or Virginia law that you find offensive?

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Jeff Liebermann

Rev Turd Fredericks hath wroth:

True. Wardriving was not invented when these laws were written. It's also questionable whether active probeing constitutes an attack. For homework, try a two sentence definition of wardriving suitable for attaching to a state law definition of terms.

Methinks the question is what test would the courts apply to wardriving to determine if constitutes a form of computer breaking and entry. For example, walking throught a building and checking if all the doors are locked does not constitute burglary. Yet, a jury could be convinced that door rattling constitutes the obligatory preliminary step before the burglary. The same *MIGHT* be said of wardriving if one lumps wardriving, port scanning, WEP cracking, passive sniffing, scripted attacks, Bluejacking, and DoS attacks, into the general classification of door rattling. It's a fine distinction, but until there are a few court decisions that establish precidents, rules of evidence, and proceedures, it's anyone's guess if wardriving constitutes a crime. A clueless judge could easily assume, like the DMCA, that *ANY* tool that facilitates illegal access is in itself illegal. It's not right, but it's very expedient.

As to whether a wireless network is open or closed, there are no defacto methods of indicating either. If your SSID is "Free Internet" or something equally obvious, but what about all the wireless routers that are setup with the default "linksys" as the SSID and no encryption?

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Jeff Liebermann

Read it again.

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Axel Hammerschmidt (Axel Hammerschmidt) hath wroth:

Twice is sufficient. I'm not asking you to perform an un-natural act. I'm asking you to kindly explain what you find wrong with my posting, logic, or whatever. Hopefully, you're capeable of more than one line vague retorts. I'm fairly good at admitting that I'm wrong. However, I don't like to play games. If you think you've found an error kindly point it out. Otherwise, please don't waste my time with guessing games.

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