Razr a no-go in Europe?

I've just returned from 4 months in Holland. Before I left, I purchased an unlocked Motorola V3 quad band. Upon arriving in Holland and inserting the sim card I had purchased, no signal. The helpful phone shop guy tried several other cards to no avail. I ended up having to buy a different phone. He said he had heard that these phones wouldn't work in Europe despite being quad band GSM. Was he just blowing smoke or do these things really not work as advertised?


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FWIW my wife's American locked-to-AT&T RAZR V3 worked fine in England last month.


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Mark T.B. Carroll

Sounds as though it wasn't actually unlocked...?

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foolish snipped-for-privacy@hobgoblin.com (RWEmerson) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@hobgoblin.com:

If it wasn't unlocked, it would have immediately asked for a subsidy code when turned on with the "foreign" SIM card installed.

Most (all?) multi-band GSM phones have menu settings for selecting what bands they'll work on. Mine has "Automatic", "850/1900" and "900/1800". Maybe his was set for "850/1900", the US standard.

But, what's this thread doing in "alt.internet.wireless"?

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Bert Hyman

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