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As I live I Europe, how developed is home automation here/there. I see lots of hardwired products and every manufacture has its own solution and what personally I don't like is no possibility to combine products from different manufactures (not sure if this is true). And this is not the case with X10 or Z-Wave (those two are communication protocols). E.g. I found 15 different (price and design) remote controls for X10 while you have only two ("old" and "new" version) from a certain German company. And on the other hand hardwired is expensive and difficult to install in "old" house or apartment.

I ask this because the difference between 120 and 230 Volts, so buying in the US is not the option (e.g. switches). So are there any European companies that develop or sell their on X10 or Z-Wave products for 230 Volts. Remote controls are not the problem, they go on batteries J

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There are numerous dealers selling X-10 products for the European market. Marmitek (Sweden) makes them. I do not know the exact relationship between X-10 and Marmitek.

http://www.x10eur>As I live I Europe, how developed is home automation here/there. I see lots

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There's an extensive list of Z-Wave manufacturers and developers on the Z-Wave Alliance website. Many have operations in Europe and are making or developing products for use with 220VAC / 50 Hz. Here's a URL:

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There are several manufacturers marketing X10 products in Europe but that's not my primary area of interest so I haven't kept up to date on it.

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