Question on major change in Transfer speeds over wireless network.

Hello. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. Sorry to just jump right in but I am desperate at this point. Here is the situation. I have four computers on a home network. Three laptops wireless and one desktop hardwired. I am using a Netgear MR814v2 Router and two of the cards are Netgear cards with one other card built into one brand new laptop. Using

128bit encryption and all computers are properly configured. About a week ago they began slowing down to the point I can barely do anything with them, they rarely complete loading a page and hardly ever completely syncronise my groups without locking up. I ran a speed test on the Desktop (Hardwired) and it registered good on upload and download and on a local test it scored "Great". Here are the results of the wireless;

Speed Test Result speed test 2006-11-19 21:14:28 EST:

194 / 359 (Kbps) (23.7 / 43.8 KB/sec) Compared to the average of 2517 tests from
  • download is 95% worse, upload is 24% worse Second Test Results; speed test 2006-11-19 21:27:45 EST:
463 / 358 (Kbps) (56.6 / 43.7 KB/sec) Compared to the average of 2512 tests from
  • download is 88% worse, upload is 24% worse I have run Spyware detection, Ad-Aware and AV programs. Have cleaned up all the drives, defragged and done everything else I can think of. I have purchased a new Router but before I replace routers I was hoping someone might be able to identify some other possible solutions.

Once again. Thanks in advance.

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"JeffinMS" hath wroth:

That means that the router section and cable modem connection are working normally. That leaves the wireless section. You might try plugging the laptops directly into the router with CAT5 cable and make sure the laptops are working.

The mostly likely candidate for a wireless slowdown is interference. Probably one of these culprits:

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problem is to identify the source. If it's another wi-fi system on your channel, then try a different channel (1, 6, or 11). Sniffing with Netstumbler or Kismet may show these systems. If your router is located near a window with a view of the city, you might try moving it to some place that blocks outside interference.

It's also possible that the wireless section of the router has gone insane. A hard reset followed by reloading all the values might help. Also try updating the firmware if it's ancient.

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