Q: How to do this?

This is the situation:

Two houses with 2 computers a house. One house has access to Internet over ADSL and they connect via AP and router. Now the other house (other 2 computers) want to join and use our ADSL link. The problem is that we want to limit their download speed to 1/3. How to do this? (without buying extra equipment or leaving one computer to run 24/7)

Example: One computer from the neighbours house is online. He can now surf using full capacity of ADSL. When everyone is online (4 computers) he gets only 1/6 of the capacity, same as the other computer from that house. Is that possible? How?

It doesn't matter if the restrictions are on the router or on each computer using some program.

And last... will connecting all four computers affect the download speed or the sum of all their download speeds will be equal to download speed of when only one is using the link?

p.s. Sorry for my bad English. :-))

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Many routers have "QOS" (quality of service) settings, which can do that - limiting access by port or MAC address. We'd need to know what routers you're using to know if it can be done without extra equipment.

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Derek Broughton

We are using ASUS WL-520g. Can it be done with it? And if it can't, what do we need to make it work?

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Call your ISP and ask them what they think about it.

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Bob Furtaw

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