Problems accessing a site since Norton Anti Virus Updates

I wonder whether someone could help me.

I have Norton Internet Security installed on my laptop. I was looking at a site this afternoon, when a message popped up from Norton, saying there were new updates to install, so I chose to install them. Once it had finished, the message popped up, saying I would need to restart my computer, to which I clicked OK. So, my laptop rebooted.

I was still looking at the site when I chose to reboot, and since then I have experienced problems accessing that site. I managed to access it straight after the reboot, but it was slow, and then since then I just keep getting an error message. Could it just be coincidence? All other sites I use work fine.

(posted here because it is on a wireless network)



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Johanna Damen
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Well, it has nothing to do with a wireless situaition. It's a Norton problem and you need to contact Norton about your situation.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Thanks for your message - It turned out to be the router. We had more problems with it after that, so exchanged it today. Hopefully we will have more luck with this one!!

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