Problem with ftp on Powerbook with airport card


I have a wireless network providing broadband to a windows PC and a Mac OS X laptop with airport card. My router has an in-built firewall.

When I try to upload files to a web server from the Mac the program usually freezes, whether I am running ftp from a terminal, or using an ftp program called Fetch, and whether PASV is enabled or disabled.

My PC has no problem uploading files to a web server.

When I connect the Mac to the PC with an ethernet cable, I can transfer files from the ftp server running on the Mac over to the PC, but when I try to do the same over the wireless network, the ftp program on the PC connects but freezes waiting for directory listing data from the Mac.

I have also found my Mac to have trouble uploading files over the wireless network using a web based interface with http, and for some sites to have network problems when accessed from the Mac when those same sites connect straight away from the PC.

I would be very grateful if anyone had any insight as to what is causing my networking problems.


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There could be some seemingly-trivial error or disagreement in the configuration of communications parameters for the wireless network, either in the base station or in the Airport card.

A more likely cause of the problem might be a nearby teenager with a cordless phone that works in the 2400 MHz (2.4 GHz) band. Such phones have been known to cause serious interference to 802.11b and g wireless systems.

If you live in a dense neighborhood or apartment building, several neighbors with wireless networks might all be on the same channel as yours. You could try changing to one several channels away from the one currently in use.

Microwave ovens can also interfere, but not likely as often.


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