Lynksys (CISCO) - WRT160N

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I have recently purchased a Lynksys WRT160N and would like to have command line access to it, I have been seaching the web and found serval firmware updates, the one that most apealed to me was Talisman, however I am wandering if anyone has any opinions on this. I want to use the router as a learning tool as much as a hardware device and more specifically I would like to have some more exposure to VxWorks as I work with LINUX on a daily basis and want to learn a new system. Is there an open source version of VxWorks that could be used as a firmware update for this router?

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Aaron Spiteri
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They know quite a bit about these over at alt.internet.wireless - to which I think I have sent the msg.

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Install DD-WRT v24 SP1 firmware on the router:

V1, v1.1, or v2 versions? They're quite different. V1 and v1.1 use a Broadcom processor. V2 uses a Ralink processor. Only the v1 and v1.1 versions are supported by DD-WRT. V2 is not supported.

Anyway, telnet and SSH are supported by DD-WRT.

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