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I was interested in war driving and have an orinoco gold card made by lucent technologies, PC24E-H-FC P/N 014916/d and was wondering how i could get this card to work in monitor mode. I am trying to get it to work with knoppix std and cant get the card to work to its full potential. Does this card have the prism chipset? I have been doing searches on the net but cant find much about it, any help would be gretly appreciated, thanks Neal.

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neal540 hath wroth:

Those numbers don't look like anything I've seen that's a Wavelan/Orinoco/Lucent/Agrere/Avaya/Proxim/Whatever wireless card. Got a reference? Got a card? Got an FCC ID number?

You'll find the Orinoco "monitor mode" (ascan and rfmon) patches at:

However, these are for the Hermes chipset, not the later Prism 2.5/3 chips. You'll have to determine what you have first.

If all else fails, find the FCC ID from the card, and dive into the FCC ID web pile. Look at the photos for chipset ID's:

There's quite a bit on Linux hardware compatibility and promiscuous mode drivers at:

See the references under "determine the chipset". Also:

Note that this is for WEP cracking, not war driving. However, the same drivers and problems are applicable to both.

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