pcmcia orinoco gold in monitor mode?????


I am having trouble with getting my orinoco card into monitor mode.

Here is my setup:

2.6.11-auditor-10 kernel Orinoco Gold with 8.72 (also tried 8.10) firmware

hi, i have installed linux auditor version kernel recevied by the command "uname -r" is:

2.6.11-auditor-10. I have downloaded the kernel source and i put them in usr/src but i haven't compile the kernel. The problem is very strange for me infact :

When I run iwpriv eth1 monitor 1 6, the following error occurs: Interface doesn't accept private ioctl... monitor (8BE8): Operation not permitted

I can see monitor when I run iwpriv eth1 so i think that i have just the pacthed driver!!:

eth1 Available private ioctl : force_reset (8BE0) : set 0 & get 0 card_reset (8BE1) : set 0 & get 0 set_port3 (8BE2) : set 1 int & get 0 get_port3 (8BE3) : set 0 & get 1 int set_preamble (8BE4) : set 1 int & get 0 get_preamble (8BE5) : set 0 & get 1 int set_ibssport (8BE6) : set 1 int & get 0 get_ibssport (8BE7) : set 0 & get 1 int monitor (8BE8) : set 2 int & get 0

Does anyone know how to get this card into monitor mode? i have to install however the pcmcia package and the pacth driver for my orinoco gold with firmware 8.72 if yes which version i have to install for my kernel???? then i have to compile the kernel without support for pcmcia that it just present in my kernel

2.6.11-auditor-10?????..... HELP ME!!!!!!!!


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