Netgear DG834G as Switch only to route Cable broadband?

Hey all,

I've got a Neatgear DG834G wireless ADSL router which I'm currently using to route and serve up Wanadoo broadband in my house.

However on Thursday I'll be switching to Telewest cable broadband and I was wondering if there was some way to just use the Netgear as a hub/switch and run the broadband through the telewest supplied cable router (which is not wireless).

I.e my setup would be: Cable router plugged into cable line, cable plugged into Netgear via ethernet cable, computers connected to Netgear as is with two ethernet and two wireless.

Hope that makes sense.

From what I've glanced at on the net this seems plausable, but not

necessarily straight forward :)



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Assuming the Telewest device is a broadband router i.e. it provides at least NAT and DHCP services [it could only be a cable modem with UTP interface]:-

- Connect a UTP patch cable between a client RJ45 port on the router and one on the DG834G [classically it would be a crossover cable, but most devices auto-sense these days]

- Disable the DHCP service on the DG834G, leave wireless settings as-is [assume you've configured WPA encryption?], ignore ADSL settings.

- The Netgear should now operate as a wired LAN switch and wireless LAN access point for your home network PCs.

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Frazer Jolly Goodfellow

These Netgear instructions are generic enough that they probably apply to your router.

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"Using the WGR614 router as a Wireless Access Point."

Turn off DHCP, set the "WAN address" to something harmless, outside of your normal subnet, and connect your existing router to the LAN side of the Belkin, leaving the Belkin WAN connection unused.

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