My small town is getting free Harborlink wireless - I have questions!

I checked with my laptop and I am getting a signal (2 bars in Windows "View wireless networks"). It is not connected to the Internet yet, however (due in about a week).

Anyone familiar with these:

How's the upload speed? It would seem the transmitter in my laptop would be weaker than the transmitter they are using for the large coverage radius, or do they just mount the antenna up high?

I am told I will have to put up with a popup add every so often. How is this incorporated into the datastream? I don't have to install any of their software, just connect to their network.

How's the overall performance compared to dialup? I wonder if Harborlink throttles the bandwidth?

How does apps, like remote desktop, that are sensitive to high latency networks perform?

Sorry for so many questions.


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Just curious, what city are you in?

Please read below:

Sim> I checked with my laptop and I am getting a signal (2 bars in Windows "View

They do mount the antenna up high (most likely on light poles) but the radios also have a high receive sensitivity, meaning they can hear even the smallest of wireless signals.

You wont have to install anything, it'll just pop up when you go to a new webpage after X minutes.

High speed wireless is always going to be better, but I wouldn't rely on it as your ONLY internet connection. I believe HL does throttle bandwidth, but I doubt you'd see any difference.

Just fine. If you want a preview of the harborlink network style, go to your local BW3's.

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