My Belkin 802.11g router frequently needs to be rebooted

The power light on the router should never go out. Check that the AC adapter is in a wall outlet, not a power strip that could be failing. Check that the DC plug is inserted fully in the router DC jack. Otherwise, the AC adapter might be failing or being overheated if it is not fully exposed to the air; the router likewise should be fully exposed and not stacked with other equipment so that it overheats.

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Ray, Regardless of the power connectivity to your Router, you need to make sure you have the latest firmware uploaded to it. Secondly, there are a few of the Belkin's that have a known issue with resetting. I recently had one and took it back. I replaced mine with a Linksys and now have no problems.


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My Belkin 802.11g router frequently needs to be rebooted as I keep on losing Internet access to my XP desk top which is connected to the router and modem. I am using NTL in the UK and had wireless installed in October so that I could enjoy Internet access to my new laptop. For the first two weeks it was fine. Since then I lose my connection intermittently, sometimes once a day; sometimes six or more times a day. When this happens, the power, wireless and Internet lights go out but the modem light remains on and channel 1 light changes to amber. When, I switch off and on again the connection is restored in seconds. I am running Norton and I gather there is a firewall in the Belkin too. Any advice would be much appreciated by this novice. Thank you. Ray

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I have a Linksys and have the problem.

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