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At our office, we have 2 linksys routers acting as access points to our network. The problem is they have different ssid's, and XP always seems to want to connect to the wireless that is higher on the "preffered" networks, regardless of signal strength.

So if you work downstairs mainly, and go upstairs, it will still stay connected to downstairs. Even if you change it, it will eventually connect to the downstairs....unless I change the order of preffered networks under XP...

Is there a way to have Windows connect to the strongest signal? Should I have the same ssid? If so, how would I set that up?


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sounds to me like there is only need for one linksys router, if you are connecting to the downstairs router while upstairs and can send and recv packets then why not just use the downstairs router.

If you must use 2 then you can access the linksys console by typing in in your browser, the default user is admin and the pass is blank. there u can change the ssid and turn off dhcp, you should only have one of them acting as a dhcp server.

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It should connect to the strongest signal - id try setting the same ssid on both

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On Thu, 30 Nov 2006 14:00:21 -0500, "paranoid" wrote in :

Definitely. But have them on different non-overlapping channels.

Use the router configuration screens.

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