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Wondering if is possible to Voice Chat on a IM Program like AIM,MSN,etc., Without being tied to the computer by cables. Would like to be able to walk around the property and still be connected in the voice chat,without using another computer? Maybe 100 to 300 ft away from my computer. If so,what would I need,etc. Thanks

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Yep. I use a Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth USB dongle to provide cordless access. Make sure your headset and dongle are both Bluetooth

1.2 or 2.0 compliant and NOT 1.0 or 1.1 (which are marginal). The hard part is convincing the computer to pickup the IM or VoIP call from the headset switch. This works with Skype:
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I've never tried it with the others.

The property? Maximum on Class 1 Bluetooth is 100 meters, but that's science fiction. Put a few walls in the way and you'll be lucky to leave the room. Most headsets are Class II, which is limited to about

10 meters. Dunno.

Cordless phone? Again, the problem is how to pickup the phone.

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