Motel WiFi

The motel room I'm in had really bad WiFi service in the rooms with the sig= nal constantly popping in and out. I managed to improve the signal consider= ably by placing my WiFi dongle on top of a lamp and making a reflector from= a sheet of aluminum I salvaged from a soda can. The reflector was fastened= to the shade and I aimed the antenna by rotating the shade. This morning = I went down to complain about the WiFi and found they dont have it in the r= ooms. They have wired internet service in the room, outlet was behind the l= amp. Apparently I was connecting to the WiFi connection meant to serve the = dining room, lobby, lounge and pool area. Still the cylindrical reflector w= orked quite well and was sufficient for me to take care of a few e-mails. B= TW diameter of the curve of the reflector was about 6 inches. Have no idea = whether or not a different size would do better or worse. Assuming bigger i= s better.


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