Market Leaders in Wireless Network Solutions

Does anyone where I can get info on who the current market leaders of wireless network solutions (controller based with thin clients).

Thanks kdw

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"kdw" hath wroth:

Got money? There are numerous marketing research companies selling such data. Search Google for "wireless market research" and you'll get a huge number of hits. For example (not a recommendation):

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The hard part is seperating the cellular wireless from the Wi-Fi wireless markets. There are also numbers released by various industry trade organizations. The major manufactories also release numbers on their quarterly stockholder reports, which are the major source of information for the market reports.

What's a "controller based with thin clients)?

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Jeff Liebermann

I think he ment the systems where the ap's are dumb and require a central controller - some of them call this a wirless switch (i dont have my notes with me and cant rember the names) anecdotaly from my Cisco academy course - talking to the guys oin it most use ap's with more inteigence

- the route Cisco takes.

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"" hath wroth:

Maybe. "thin client" is not an access point. It's a workstation of some sorts that boots from the network. You're correct that a central controller type of wireless system is called a "wireless switch". Common vendors are Aruba, Symbol, Cisco, Entrasys, Xirrus, 3com, etc. There are plenty of product reviews and comparisons available online. I don't have any free marketing information on wireless switch vendors. That will need to be scraped from their quarterly stock reports.

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