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Long a fan of Cotse, a regular of /steve from the days when he ran it out of his house and it was free. is there a better email service value for the money? I doubt it.

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One in a crowd method. Email spam follows the same concept, many messages, only one (or a few) of importance to anyone.

We gave up on stego a while back, it had too many limitations. File size, distortion issues,...when you start passing image files consistently between drops, you draw too much attention.

We performed the bit flipping, analyzing for lsb, yada yada in the end the anit-stegos were always ahead.

This may be the best case scenario for the use of mobile and as the entry into WEP becomes quicker and quicker, the # of access points enlarges almost infinitely.

You're a wireless guy who thinks in terms of mobility. Our clients have a tendency to do both, solving the wireless issues were, as you pointed out, simply mobility. Facility to facility transmission, properly encrypted, Tor is still our best bet.

If your going to play in an arena where life/death are at stake, you had better be or no an expert to trust.

Not a flaming, monkey-brained imbecile like Naval Navas, that's for damn sure.

We at ACF offer AIW a trade. Navas for Bear Bottoms. At least your monkey can type a literate post.

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I don't know who "/steve" is, but I'm relatively new to Cotse. I signed up because a friend recommended it and so far am amazed at how much I get for the money. I'd say they wouldn't be open for business long but they have to be doing something right because my buddy has been a subscriber for a long time now. They currently handle hosting and e-mail (the mail is awesome) for four domains for me. I'm posting this using their mixmaster interface and I surf using one of their SSH servers (it's pretty fast too). All in all, so far so good and at a fraction of what it used to cost me.

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Nomen Nescio

/steve is Stephen Gielda's sig on Usenet.

Here's a quick but true story.

I had a trusted friend contact Gielda with a sincere request to buy Cotse. He refused on the issue to do so he would have to violate the secrecy of his clients.

This translates into a business that has no future value other than what he makes off it in income. A lot of work and a lot of risk for so little upside gain.

Then, that has been Gielda's legacy from the days Cotse was free to now.

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Ok, that answered my ponder as to who Stephen Gielda was, I assume he is the owner of the service. That is good to know. I don't do anything that needs that kind of dedication to my secrecy and I'm just signed up because of what they offer and their price, but it's still good to know. That means he is passionate about what they do and that will translate into solid services for me. The better companies usually have someone with a passion driving them.

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