Looking for Video Lectures on Communication Basics

Hi All,

I will appreciate if some one knows a website where I can buy video lectures of communication basics such as Fourier series, AM, FM, etc.

Thanks, ConceptZone

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Have you tried

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Seriously, I found plenty of hits.


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David Taylor

How much time do you have to absorb all that? Fourier analysis is also not exactly basic. I do know of some tutorials and have done a video on using a now ancient service monitor. However, it would be helpful if you would be a bit more specific as to what aspect of communications basics and what you hope to accomplish with the videos and tutorials.

Incidentally, if it's about Wi-Fi, I think Jack Unger has done a video.

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methinks a book would be a better start due to the large number of equations, calculations, graphs, diagrams, and schematics that are difficult to display in a video.

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Jeff Liebermann

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