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I have a PC running XP and Realtak 8180 WIFI card.

How do I lock it to channel 6?

Problem is that there are so many WIFI in my area, that I cant connect unless I can lock it to channel 6 - it weavers all the time to stronger signals on channel 11.


/// JJ

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Jens Jakob Andersen
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Do you have a wireless router or an Access Point that you use your

realtek card to associate with? If so, there might be a feature in

your router's menu that will allow you to enable or disable

autoscanning of less used channels. I am unfamiliar with your Realtek

card. If it is a super-g card (108mbps), then it will more than likely

default to channel 6 if super-g is enabled. Still, that will depend on

the settings of your wireless router / AP.

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doug Jamal

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