Linksys WRT54-3G Mobile Broadband router and Cingular Sierra 875 3G aircard compatibilty?

Does any one know of the compatibility of the Linksys wrt54g-3g mobile broadband router and the new Sierra 875 3g broadband wireless card being offered by Cingular. I have googled on the router and have seen it being used in England and Australia with their specific 3g providers. Linksys shows on their website that it will work with a Sprint Mobile broadband card here in the US. Is the router capable of using any mobile broaband card as long as it meets the minimum PC card slot requirements or is a special sim needed. I live in an area where I can only get Internet access by Dial-up. There is no cable or standard DSL/broadband available. I would like to use the router and card setup for my internet access. I know the options are a little bit pricey for the Cingular Data packages. But, they are not bad when considerring the speed inprovement over Dial-up. The area I live in is scheduled for 3g network installation by Feb 2007. It will cover the Reno, Nv area. I live within the unobstructed line of site of the mountain that will have the 3g equipment installed upon it. As for equipment to be used with it, everything will be Linksys items designed for home or business as needed. I appreciate the assistance.


Terry D.

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