Wireless connection from a Belkin G wireless modem/router to laptops

Hi Everyone!

I'm not really knowledgable regarding computers but decided to take a chance and change my ADSL modem to a wireless modem/router (Belkin G). My broadband provider is Virgin. The first stage went fine - I have one PC connected to the router via cables and the inrenet connection works just fine. The problem started when I tried to connect a laptop as a wireless connection. I'm not really sure what I'm suppose to do to make it work... I want to connect 2 laptops (both have windows xp, one have centrino and one dual core). Do I need a networking card for them or they can work without it (they are suppose to be wireless enable, aren't they?!). One of the laptops (the centrino) is configurated to work with NTL broadband. Can It work on both (not at the same time obviously :-))? I really don't know what to do and any help will be much appreciated!!!!

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